Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Head of the Family

This one is going to be brief, but still bad.

In Head of the Family, a man blackmails the titular family and uses a letter kept with a lawyer as insurance.  Soon enough, the family finds the lawyer...and kills him.  Mind you, they do this after torturing him first.
What did this guy do exactly?  He was given a letter by a guy- that's it.  He wasn't part of the scheme directly and he didn't even read the letter!  That was completely harsh and unnecessary!

Next up, a man experiences a chance at the ultimate pleasure...before losing it to a giant monster.  Oh yeah, he dies too.  Stay tuned...


  1. why so short? me confused. i like this movie for what it doesn't pretend to be. sleazy and goofy, straight to the point.

  2. Because I didn't plan this scene out originally as a Poor Bastards of Cinema induction. As such, I only took one screenshot of the guy. :-)

    Don't worry- the next one will be much lengthier and juicier.