Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Lake Placid 2

In a random, unrelated scene from Lake Placid 2, some guy goes to the lake with two random chicks.  It's a photo-shoot, I guess...but there's no camera...
Both women proceed to take their tops off and climb into the lake.  This is getting better.
Wow, they even throw in the glossy filter.  This is a dream come true!
...oops, the crocodile eats them.  It happens while the guy is rushing to get undressed.
'Ladies- I'm ready for the three...dammit!'
Oh yeah, the crocodile eats him too.  On the grand scale of things, it's a pretty minor thing.

Next up, a man learns that there is something worse than having to work in an unsafe, African mine.  On top of that, he's appearing in an Asylum film!  Stay tuned...

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