Friday, August 10, 2018

Netflix and Thrill: Luke Cage- Season 2 (Part 1)

I made sure not to take nearly as long to cover these this time!  I'm just over halfway through the Show, so I might as well see how it starts...
After becoming a folk hero, going back to Prison and fighting super-ninjas, Luke wants things to settle down.

Of course, they don't.  He has to stop some guys peddling drugs with his name literally on them!
While he struggles for money, the same cannot be said about Mariah and 'Shades.'  They are trying to exploit a business to buy their way out of crime for good.

So the bad guys are doing a bad thing to become...less bad (relatively, at least)?
A new Villain comes into town- Bushmaster.  He's tough, mean and has a nearly-impenetrable Jamaican accent.
Oh and he uses magic voodoo powder to make himself bullet-proof!
As the violence escalates again, can Luke and Misty (now with a new arm) put a stop to it?

We've got half a Season to go, so probably not!  Watch it.
Is there a quality drop so far?  For me, no.  The look and feel here is consistent.  There's a nice mix of Drama, Comedy, Action and watching people perform at Harlem's Paradise.  I know that some people don't like that, but, well, tough.  Besides, they mix things in quite well, using the songs often as the backing of montages or playing them over key Scenes.  They aren't going to cut them, so just live with them!  Everyone here continues to play their different Roles here quite well, each one getting some new and interesting stuff to do.  Misty wants to work the beat again, but her disability makes things hard.  Luke struggles with fame and the ability to pay the bills.  Mariah is trying to get out of crime, even if it means more crime to do so.  Shades is struggling to break his old habits, all while trying to help Mariah.  Everything is evolving for them and it is not always easy.  The new Villain has a fun Actor behind him and some unique aspects.  He's still named after a snake, but he's not quite like Cottonmouth or Diamondback.  I'm interested to see how much growth he gets over the second half of the Season as his Arc definitely takes a turn by then.  If you liked Season 1, this will not disappoint.  If you didn't, all of the same stuff is there.  I'd still say that you should give it a try though.  Don't make me force you now...
A Season that, as always, starts as a slow burn.  When the Story hits in full, it really delivers!

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