Friday, August 24, 2018

Forgotten TV: The Six Million Dollar Man vs. Bigfoot- Round 2

It's a bit of a niche thing to remember the first time that Bigfoot and the Six Million Dollar Man crossed paths.  It is even *more* of a niche thing then to remember the second time it happened.

This time, it was a TV Event, as it encompassed the Premiere Episodes of both his Show and The Bionic Woman!

What will this battle of three super-strong people be like?  To find out, read on...
A mysterious person breaks into a Gold Repository and steals it, leaving behind big tracks.

What a mystery...if this wasn't called 'The Return of Bigfoot!'
Our Hero can't remember how he knows the giant tracks, on account of the aliens behind that Episode erasing his memory.  Just stick with me now!

His memories are restored by one of the aliens, who is played by Sandy Duncan- the Actress most famous for her glass eye.  She's closer to being a cyborg than he is!
She explains that there was a schism in the group and an evil one- John Saxon!- is controlling Bigfoot for his own gain.

Also Bigfoot is now Lurch, since Andre the Giant was busy or something.
The pair finally do battle!  It's all sorts of fun with slow-motion and falling things!
Steve is hurt, exposed to radiation during the fight.  He tells Jaime to go find the aliens, leading into her part of this crossover.

This would also be their last crossover, as the Shows were on different Networks after this.
She eludes Bigfoot and meets the good aliens.  The potion to cure Steve gets to him, but...
Jaime is captured by Saxon.  Will she prove able to make Bigfoot fall for her and let her go?
Yes.  Steve is better and the pair fight out of the lab to meet up with the former.

One problem- super-erupting volcano!
So, brace yourselves for this one: the aliens have TLC Devices that allow them to affect time (the T) around their bodies.  This leads to the only logical solution...

Throwing a TLC device into the lava to speed up its time and make it cooled.  Science!

The day is saved and the aliens let them keep their memories.  Yea?  The End.
The '70s were weird.  It was one thing for them to do a 2-Part Bigfoot Episode once.  It was a timely thing and Sci-Fi was big around this time.  It is weird to connect Bigfoot to Aliens though.  Mind you, I've seen it TWICE now, but it still not the norm.  Seeing them double-dip here shows this for what it truly is though- a silly Ratings Stunt.  Both Shows had a slight drop in Viewership and wanted something big to perk them back up.  The Shows went on, so, I guess, good work.  As far as the actual Story goes, it is chock full of crazy.  Aliens are hiding on Earth.  Bigfoot is a creature that they control.  They can manipulate time!  They also fill the whole thing full of melodrama, be it Steve's wondering about his missing memories, a forbidden romance tale or Bigfoot's angst over working for the bad guy.  Saxon is great here, but he's always great- no surprise.  The big draw is the Bigfoot- pun intended- and he still delivers, even if he isn't Andre anymore.  They try to give him depth, even though he has no name and no lines.  It's a nice attempt, at least.  The original battle between man and skunk-ape is legendary in internet lore.  The follow-up is far less famous, but maybe it should be.  Unfortunately, as mentioned, this was a Ratings Stunt and both Shows only got one more Season.  Sorry to break it to you two...
A bit of silly fun as they mix Bigfoot, aliens and cyborgs together.  It's super-silly though!

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