Thursday, August 23, 2018

Immediate Response: Rifftrax Live!- Krull

Another Live Show- great!  I did help pay for it, after all...
The Good
* The Film is rife for riffing, with long (kind of boring) shots and silly visuals.
* I've actually never seen the whole Film, so it was almost all new to me.
* I always love '80s Special Effects, no matter how silly they may be.  Same with a James Horner Score.
* Young Liam Neeson.

The Bad
* No Short, but this is a longer Film.
* It's still Krull.  It's still very much in love with its own visual and constantly-dragging Story.

As a side-note, there was some technical stuff going on to make us miss a little bit of the Show.  I don't know if that was just our Feed or not.

Either way, you've got one more chance to see it Live(ish) in a Theater.  Do it!

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