Monday, August 27, 2018

My Crazy Youth: The Time That 'Weird Science' Entered a Slasher Film

I guess I have to slightly-adjust my praise for The Final Girls.  While I still like it and find it fun, it's less original that I thought.

Surprisingly, nobody popped up to mention this Episode to me at the time.  Thanks a lot for not correcting me...I think.

Here's the first of at least 2 Episodes that I'll feature in the near future...
A quick summary for those who don't know the Film and/or Show...or just forgot...

Two guys made a Genie with their Computer.  She grants them wishes, usually leading to wacky scenarios in which they learn a lesson or two.

It's weird, so of course I kind of like it.

And now, the Plot...

The gang is watching a Film called Bikini Camp Slasher 3 (somehow not a real Title) and Gary brags about how he could easily survive a Horror Film.
Naturally, their Genie Lisa takes him literally and transports them into the Film.  Stay strong, Gary.
Gary and Wyatt want a shot at the Twins in the Film (who always wear bikinis), so Lisa tricks the guys from the Film into going out with her.  Shockingly, she's smarter than Jocks in a Slasher Film.
Back in the real World, Wyatt's Brother has brought a girl home for sex.  How could he make this worse?
Back in the Movie, they manage to keep the twins for baiting the killer and finally kill him.  Right?
Wyatt's Brother inadvertently hits Record, leading to the tape being overwritten.  If it touches them, they get erased!
Thankfully, they manage to take out the killer- since they always come back- and make it to the Credits.  The End.
A weird, but fun time.  They don't waste any time- putting them right into the Movie.  They cover all of the stuff that you hope they will.  It's at a Camp.  The men are mostly idiot Jocks.  There are two 'slutty' blondes that are scantily-clad.  The killer has a gimmick and a trademark weapon.  On top of that, they manage to work in lots of great references.  When they 'killer-proof' the Cabin, they explain that they covered all of the entrances.  They blocked the window- Halloween-, they blocked the cellar door- Evil Dead 2-, but they forgot to block the chimney.  That's what you get for forgetting Silent Night, Deadly Night!  They have fun with the concept here and I liked it.  The whole thing is made in good fun too, so don't get mad, Internet.  Was this a good Show?  I mean, kind of...but not really.  It's silly and kind of stupid.  On the plus side, it made use of its almost-limitless Premise here.  I'll have to keep re-watching the Show to see if I'm just being too nice.  No matter what it may bring, it still brought us these two...
A fun Episode that makes fun of something that I like (and admit are stupid).  Do I miss this Show?

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