Saturday, June 10, 2017

Screener Flix: American Mummy (2017)

I don't get paid to reviews these Screeners.  The ability to watch free Films is my payment.  Here's why I don't get more than that...
Out in a random Desert, three people find a Mummy.  One of them doesn't live to tell the tale!
A bunch of folks go to investigate.  What is the secret of the Mummy?
More science talk.  More bickering.  More 'intrigue.'
People seem to be affected by proximity to the Mummy and start doing stuff that they probably shouldn't do!
What is the secret of the Mummy?  All I will tell you is that it involves LOTS of blood.
Hey guys, you forgot to put your Mummy in the Film!  Mummies don't ever seem to be that hard to do.  Dawn of the Mummy was pretty low-budget.  Those later Universal ones like The Mummy's Tomb weren't exactly big-budget.  All I can figure is that they want to make a bunch of these and are saving an actual Mummy for those Films.  American Mummy is just basically an Evil Dead-variation as Characters get possessed, bloody murder ensues and it all involves some sort of evil text.  I wanted to like this one, especially since I presumably get more Screener Invites if I'm nicer.  I'm just being honest- the Film is very forgettable.  I didn't connect to the Characters and eventually just let it play in the background.  The Practical Effects for gore are nice here.  If you just want a low-budget Film with lots of blood, this will do.  As for me, it just didn't do much.  If I don't care about these people and the Story isn't that interesting, why bother?  This actually felt a lot like that Krampus Film from the same Releasing Company, complete with lots of sudden gore and assholes in the Film.  I'm too lazy to check, but it was shot in the same place, wasn't it?  In case you thought I was being too picky with the Evil Dead comparison...
Basic stuff that gives you bickering and blood.  It doesn't really give you a Mummy, so just bear that in mind.

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