Friday, June 23, 2017

Twin Piqued: ...Brings Back Some Memories

I'm a bit behind on this one, but I'll try to make up for lost time...
Important Stuff
- A half-there Cooper wins a bunch of money and is then taken home (after meeting Magic Eye Poster Guy).  He lives with...Naomi Watts?
-  The Sheriff (who's Harry's Brother, apparently) arrives as they reopen the case file.
- Lynch's FBI Chief goes to see Cooper/Bob, but only after meeting his boss Denise.  They also clear the air on whether or not she is Transgender.  Good.
- In some random Exposition, we see that Bobby Briggs is now a Cop and learn that his Dad (the Major) died in a fire the day after Season 2 ended (also the same day that Cooper left).  Okay...
- While confused Cooper is getting ready for work, Cooper/Bob is in Prison.  How are there 2 still?
Taking a cue from Episode 3, this one is clearly Sense of Identity.
- One Cooper is dragged through a fake life, while the other tries to escape his own.
- They go randomly in-depth about Denise, which is actually quite nice.
- We also get a little bit with the random bit I'll highlight below...
Weirdest Moment(s)
With no Red Room stuff to speak of (save for a tease), this comes down to three options...
- The Receptionist being so confused by Cell Phones that she thinks Truman teleported!
- Lynch being confused as to why he doesn't see Mt. Rushmore, only for Ferrer to bring out a picture that he had printed in advance for this exact purpose.
- Random Monologues from Michael Cera as Andy & Lucy's world-weary son.

Do you have to guess which one I pick?!? 
To be honest, this has been the easiest one to sit through so far.  I still really like Twin Peaks, but the critiques of Season 2 seem especially petty now.  The complaint is that without the Laura Palmer case, the Show lacked direction and was just weird randomness.  Well, what is this exactly?  We've gotten 2 Scenes of the Doctor with shovels, but no explanation.  A big chunk of Episodes 1 & 2 was about a murder in NYC (with the glass box) and a different one involving 'Shaggy.'  Other than a quick Plot Point involving fingerprints being labeled as Top Secret, have they even touched on this since?  We still don't really know what that whole Glass Box thing was all about either.  With that said, the Show is still ambling along and entertaining me.  This one seemed *a bit* more focused and didn't focus so much on the Red Room stuff.  It is great in small doses, but too complicated when it is the focus.  This Episode gives you good moments, random Cameos, answered some questions and raised many more.  I still wonder what is up with Truman's Actor (who is not listed as appearing this Season on IMDB), but at least we get the real Star of Dragon Wars: D-War...
Next time, will we resolve the 2 Coopers story?  Will things make sense?  See you then...

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