Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quick Reviews: Batman and Bill (2017)

I'm not a big 'Documentary Guy,' but when it is about a subject I care about, I'm on board.  In this case, the unsung Story of Bill Finger...
This is Bill Finger (drawn here on the left).  He was the creative force behind Batman, only he worked in the shadow of Bob Kane for Decades.
The pair worked together, with Bill creating so much and Bob...well, crediting himself for all of it.
While Bob raked in millions and became famous, Bill was not so lucky.
In more recent times, a man started to look into his past life.  To help Bill get his credit, he had to dig deep and talk to people from his past.
Can one man start an investigation that changes a long-standing legal tragedy?
If he is going to succeed, he needs to find an heir.

To find out how that goes, watch the Film.
It is about time.  This Documentary finally gives Bill Finger the attention that he has long deserved.  History is finally looking up for the guy.  It took being dead for 40 years for it to happen, but...a win is a win.  The trick to these Documentaries is to both make it about the subject- Bill Finger- and about yourself- the man behind it- without making it too much about the latter.  In this case, it works pretty well.  The guy is pretty interesting and his story never supersedes Finger's.  The other thing is to balance out the sad with the happy.  Finger's life is full of sadness, but ultimately he created so much for all of us to enjoy.  They don't hold back on the sad facts, while also making it not too depressing.  This is ultimately a story about people succeeding in the end- even if it takes over 70 years!  This is a great Doc about a subject that I really care about.  Hell, it is good enough to make explaining Copyright Law seem riveting!
Damn good Doc that makes you cry and cheer.  The story of Bill Finger gets some happiness eventually, which is long overdue.

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