Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Immediate Response: Wonder Woman (2017)

Alright, I finally saw it.  I didn't avoid the Film- I just didn't get the chance.  Since my Rifftrax fix was cancelled, I'll make the most of it.

So here's my take...
The Good
- The Story is great, constantly pushed forward by Diana's constant desire to help people.
- The Acting is good from all involved, especially with the chemistry between Gadot and Pine.
- The Action is good, using the slow-mo and rapid-cut Editing in just about the right amount.
- The Film also has some good humor in it, helping ease you through this whole adventure.

Now I have to nitpick...

The Bad
- DC can't help but be downbeat at one point (no SPOILERS).  We can't have nice things.
- The opening Framing Device was pretty pointless and wreaks of Dustin Lance Black.
- I still don't know if Wonder Woman fought in WWII.  Can't I see her punch Hitler already?
- Not an issue with this Film, but...why couldn't we get this before BvS?  Come on, DC!

All in all, the Film is really good.  They make up for Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

Well, it's a start anyways.  Don't prove me wrong.

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