Saturday, June 3, 2017

Twin Piqued: My Log Has a Message For You/The Stars Turn...

After a longer gap than I or David Lynch intended, we are back to discuss this Show.
Since this is so new, there is no preset Title Cards for me to us.  All you need to know is that I'm doing Part 1 and 2, since there was no clear separation in the airing.
Important Stuff
- Cooper has apparently been missing for 25 years, now with Killer Bob's haircut and black eyes.  He's doing vague crime stuff, but also knows that his time in control will end soon.
- Some guy in New York City is paid to watch a glass box.  It goes somewhere...eventually and it is weird!
- A separate head and body are found in an Apartment outside Twin Peaks.  All evidence points to...Shaggy?  Something is clearly up with him.
- The real Cooper is still trapped in the Lodge, meeting up with random residents there.  His exit will be soon...or will it?
- James exists.  So does Mrs. Palmer.
- Hawk goes into the Woods based on Log Lady's advice, seemingly approaching the Lodge.  Is he the key to opening it?

I guess I have to go with...Identity Confusion.  These Episodes feel so random, but that's what I've got.
- Cooper.  Just all of that.
- The whole thing with 'Shaggy' seems to imply that he's not in control of himself.
- The evil persona clearly is fighting against the idea that it must return.
Weird Moment(s)
It would almost be easier to explain the moments that WEREN'T weird!  This was just a weird, weird Episode(s).

Even so, the winner has to be...whatever the hell this thing is and his/its evil Doppelganger.
I'm not going to pretend that I really 'get' all of this.  These 2 Episodes (in Script Form) were apparently what they showed to the Network to convince them to fund it.  I can...see that?  Random Scene of a guy buying a crate of Shovels.  Glass Box in NYC.  Agent Cooper with a Mullet.  If this is really the case, Lynch must have done the old razzle-dazzle.  I'm not going to say that this is bad.  It is just...random and odd.  Maybe it will all make sense later- maybe it won't.  To be clear, I've watched every Episode of the original Show- seen here- and the Prequel Film.  I know what to expect.  That said, there are many odd choices here.  For one, they jump right out of Twin Peaks!  In the Show, they most they did was drive into it and/or cross the border into Canada.  Now we're suddenly in NYC...and Las Vegs...and some other Town.  This could very well relate, as I said, but it feels so strange.  As does the seemingly-random use of the original Cast and the focus on the new people.  A random scene of the guy buying Shovels- that should be all I need for 2 Episodes!  None of this is bad, but it is sure is confusing.  I plan to stick with this, but...maybe I was expecting too much.  I don't want to be an ass about the whole thing...
Next time, will things clear up?  Probably not, but I'll at least see more Characters I know.  See you then...

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