Thursday, June 8, 2017

Triple B Flix: Guns (1990)

More boobs, bombs and bazookas!  This is Guns, Sidaris' first Film of the 1990s.  Does it show?  Well, he's got the same gaudy outfits, bits and tits on display.  I guess you could say that there is a bit less Neon, but that's about it.  The Plot involves an oddly-familiar bit.  A Criminal is back for revenge and is this time out to get Donna.  In Trigger, it was the other blonde- since he finally remembered her backstory for the Plot.  Speaking of her, she's gone.  She didn't stop Acting, although she did appear on Baywatch the same year as this Film, so that is arguably the same.  Vaguely-topical burn!  Instead of it being That Guy Who is in All of These Films as the Villain, it is Erik Estrada.  Can I use this as an excuse for a CHiPs burn too?  Here's hoping!  There's another bit of interesting Casting here, but I won't SPOIL it just yet.  To see if a more generic-sounding Film is somehow a more interesting one, read on...
An Arms Dealer called The Jack of Diamonds (Estrada) hires two weirdos to kill a lady.

They're not JUST weird because they kill people for money.  They are also obsessed with Transistor-based Explosions.
He's after Donna's new partner- who was once a Villain in Trigger- but, as bad luck would have it, this lady gets the same dress and gets killed instead.

Oh and the Restaurant changed owners (the previous Owner is now a Lounge Singer), but the new one gets killed in her 2nd Scene.
They chase the killers and find out that they are going to Nevada.  Yes, they are leaving Hawaii for real this time and they brought Black Muscle Guy from Trigger.
'Jack' has his men keep an eye on our Heroes, as they separately keep an eye on them.  Yes, that is Danny Trejo.
Yes, those are Ninjas.  They only appear in one Scene.
Speaking of random, one of the Agents interrogates two men who supposedly work for 'Jack.'  He explains that one of them killed his brother- also in Trigger- and he kills them- but only after showing you the entire 'Flashback.'

This comes out of nowhere and amounts to nothing.  Joy.
After 'Jack' strikes back killing the Magician (above) and one of the lesser Agents, they arm up.
It all boils down to a bunch of shooting, including our Male Lead killing Trejo by sheer luck.  Thanks to a Chekhov's Trap Door, Donna is able to kill 'Jack' with a rocket launcher from 6 feet away.
Instead of celebrating on a boat (sometimes with our Heroine admitting to theft), they end like this...
Just as silly as the others- this time in Nevada.  On the plus side, they expanded the locations in a serious way.  On the negative side, this is mostly the same kind of Film.  They've changed out Cast Members again- I miss you, Karate Ponytail Guy!-, but the Story doesn't change all that much.  As noted, the whole 'Revenge for a previously-unseen mission' angle is reused.  These Plots sure are looping themselves!  Incidentally, That Guy Who is in All of These Films appears briefly as an Agent in Drag.  That's ironic, considering that he was the 'wants revenge' guy in Trigger.  This whole Film is oddly-connected to that one, which is weird when you consider how much of the Cast is changed out here.  The Story is a mish-mash of ideas and sometimes feel aimless.  They only got these things to 90 minutes by having random filler.  Guns is a pretty-forgettable Film that is about as good as the other Sidaris Films.  At this point, the bar is pretty low.  No Sidaris Cameo from Andy...but another relative still shows up to fill the quota...
Next time, I take a break from this silliness to cover something long coming.  Can I face my Fear?  Stay tuned...

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