Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hulu Hoops: The Handmaid's Tale- Episode 2

As long as I'm doing more Gods, I might as well give the Ladies over at Hulu a shout-out...
Our Heroine continues to be hold down- in this case, quite literally.

Can she trust her new friend who promises help?
Aside from all of the death and rape, this seems like a nice...yeah, I can't finish that sentence.
This Episode gives us more flashbacks to the time before all of this went down.  It always goes bad when it gets all Children of Men on you!
As the group celebrates a new life, will one ever come for our Heroine?
What horror awaits her next?  To find out, watch the Show.
Good, dark stuff.  In this 2nd Episode, they build upon all the work done last time.  With the premise out of the way, they can build up more actual Plot.  What is the Resistance?  Who is the Eye?  The Show continues to raise questions.  On top of that, they give you some nice, convenient flashbacks to flesh out the World even more.  The Acting continues to impress.  The Tone is still dark as hell, although this one manages some levity in it.  There is no making this is a 'fun Show.'  The subject is dark and the whole thing is understandably-depressing.  By keeping our Heroine as strong as possible (inwardly, at least), they keep some hope alive.  If you weren't sold by the Pilot, stick around to see if this one does it for you.  Go out and bring a friend too...
Next time, the intrigue deepens.  Will freedom ever appear on the horizon?  See you then...

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