Sunday, June 11, 2017

Starz Struck: American Gods- Episode 3

Another week, another look at Bryan Fuller's pretty-but-random Show known as...
In this week's neat-but-seemingly-superfluous opening, a woman is taken to the Underworld by Anubis.  Neat bit...but does it add anything to the Story?
In said Story, Shadow bargains more for his life against the guy who wants to bash his head in.  Does he win?
More weird-but-neat-looking Bryan Fuller stuff.  Kudos for getting Chloris Leachman though.
A weird aside with a Cab Driver, a Salesman and a Sex Scene involves this happening.  Interesting.
Are you thinking of snow?  Try thinking of snow?

Mandelbroit would be proud, at least.
What is up with Shadow now?  What is up with the Leprechaun?  Who's that at the door?

To find out, watch the Show.
Well, it is still neat to look at.  I still don't know what the actual Plot is.  I know that Mr. Wednesday is getting a group of Gods together for something.  After 3 Episodes, that's about all I've got.  All of the individual parts continue to be interesting.  I just keep waiting for this Show to come together and be amazing.  As it stands now, it is a series of neat and/or interesting moments.  The Acting continues to be quite good.  The Visuals are still quite good too.  It is good enough for me to stick around.  How long will that last though?  On the extra plus side, random Kids in the Hall Cameo!
Next time, more Plot?  Some Plot maybe?  See you then...

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