Thursday, March 2, 2017

Almost Heroes: FBI Agent Sean Nguyen (This Darkness: The Vampire Virus)

I haven't done one of these in Months, so I might as well jump right to it.

In Darkness, there is a loose Plot involving some guy experimenting with blood.  He gets investigated by the FBI.

Naturally, this Agent is also one with a PhD in Bio-Chemistry!
He is antagonistic until he sees a real Vampire and quickly becomes an ally of our Hero.

When the time for the final fight between Dr. Van Helsing and the Vampire comes, our Hero stops at some bodies to see...Agent Nguyen.
Yes, he gets killed off-screen RIGHT BEFORE the Climax.  So close!
At least Seagal would have been nice enough to dramatically carry out your body.

Agent Nguyen- he tried to stop Vampires and save the day, but was the victim of a deadly combo: Lazy Writing and Bad Editing.

To see how the actual Film is, well, you won't have to wait long...

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