Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pilot Wings: Stan Lee's Lucky Man

Alright, time to look at a completely-random Pilot.  Well, if you live in America and/or don't watch Sky.

Stan 'The Man' Lee is a Comic Book Icon, so it is only natural that he would get a Show, even today.  Naturally, it is...a Procedural Cop Show.  Alright then.
In a Cold Open, some guy jumps off of a Building and a Motorcycle Lady drives by his body, looking at a bracelet he's wearing.
Our Hero is a Detective.  He's got a Gambling problem and owe lots of money.
While he tries to solve the Crimes of London, he has to deal with some personal issues: like raising a kid and a separation with his Wife, a Barrister.
He tries to gamble once more and gets some good luck- with both dice and a mysterious woman.  He now has the bracelet from the dead guy.  Hmm.
He is working to solve a series of deaths, including the man from the Intro and the guy who ran the Casino.  Naturally, he died on the same night as our Hero winning money, so conflict.
With a new Boss on his ass, can he solve the murder mystery?  Can he figure out the cost of his new luck?
Will this just turn into Miami Vice (in London)?  We can only hope.

To find out how this goes, watch the Show.
Not what I was expecting.  Was it good though?  Stan Lee's Lucky Man is a good Show, at least as far as the Pilot goes.  If you go in expecting normal Stan Lee stuff, you'll be surprised.  To be fair, the man is in his 90s and has over 60 years worth of Writing to his name.  With the surprise out of the way, the Show is still good.  It gives you a bunch of deep, fairly-complex Characters with strengths and flaws.  As a Pilot, it presents alot of set-up to ideas that are going to be answered in the Series proper.  As such, you don't get many answers to the big, pressing questions.  On top of that, it ends on a bit of a Cliffhanger, which is a bit odd.  The whole idea of Luck having a price- your good bits of it have to be countered with someone having some bad bits of it- is interesting and I'm curious to see where they go with it.  That is what a Pilot is supposed to do, so good job.  While it is a good Show, it is not a Comic Book Show in any way, shape or form.  Well, except for like 3 Shots framed as Comic Book Panels in the Intro...
Considering that I knew nothing about this one going in other than the name, it was pretty good.  Not a whole lot done with the Premise though.

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