Thursday, March 9, 2017

Quick Reviews: The Jetsons & WWE- RoboWrestleMania

As Wrestlemania approaches, why not look at this weird-ass DTV Film?
In the Present, Sheamus is the World Heavyweight Champion as a popular Babyface (good guy).

In a Film with Time Travel in it, this is still the least believable thing.
In the Future, George Jetson is kind of a screw-up.  He's literally the future Version of Fred Flintstone, a well-known fact that is hammered home by the presence of a previous WWE-Flintstones Film (seen here).
On the way to a match, The Big Show is frozen in ice and is discovered in the future by Jetson.
He is unfrozen and finds himself a man out of time.

To be fair, he's a literal Giant, so when has he ever truly fit in?
His solution: take over the new WWE (now with Robots a la Real Steel) and lead a Robot Revolt!
With Elroy's convenient time-travel formula (the one from Star Trek), they don't just unfreeze Show in the past.  Instead, they send Superstars to the future to fight their robot doubles.

To see how this all works out, watch the Film.
Silly future fluff.  The whole thing is a weird concept to work.  Wouldn't you love to be in the Pitch Meeting for this one?  "Hey, you know that Cartoon property that we haven't used since 1990?  How about we cross that over with a bunch of Wrestlers?"  Thus we have this Direct-to-Video Film teaming Sheamus, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns with George, Astro and Elroy Jetson.  It is silly.  It is really silly.  Do you expect anything else from such an odd collaboration?  This is not for weird Adults like me- at least ones that don't have Kids to use as an excuse for watching it.  If you want to see Sheamus fight Robo-Taker, this is the Film for you.  While it didn't do much for me as a whole, it did give me Astro-Kane, so all is good.
Considering that is purely for kids, it is fine.  It doesn't do enough with the premise for me though.

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