Saturday, March 11, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: This Darkness- The Vampire Virus (Part 2)

Another set of Poor Bastards from this crap Film- why not?

Near the Climax of This Darkness, they know that the Villain will go after the Love Interest/Lady Scientist of the Film.  She is at a Bar full of Guests.
This leads to a bunch of Vampires killing people in and or around the Mosh Pit.
Lots of killing.
Killing with a surprising casual audience around it.
Yea- more killing.
Murder.   Are they finally noticing it at least?
Oh well- that does look like it hurt.
So, in summary, people went to see a generic Heavy Metal Band and got killed by Vampires.  Were they better off?

The moral: if you are going to see a Heavy Metal Band, make sure that the BAND is made-up of Monsters (like LORDI) and not the Audience.

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