Thursday, March 16, 2017

TV on the Internet: Marvel's Luke Cage (Part 1)

As Iron Fist makes its ignominious Debut tomorrow, I might as well finally get around to talking about their last Show.

As with previous Shows, I will break it into 2 Parts to cover it properly.
No longer a Bar Owner after Jessica Jones, Luke is hiding out at a Harlem Barbershop.  He doesn't want attention or trouble.
A local Mobster is trying to take over the place and 'make it.'  Naturally, these two must collide.

On the plus side, Marvel lucked out on getting an Oscar Winner for their Show!
Cage eventually makes his move after some outside action stirs up Harlem.  He's gonna need a new hoodie!
Can Cage save Harlem?  Can he find a new love?  Can he even survive?

To find out, watch (Part 1 of) the Show.
Slow and steady makes the Show.  Let it not be said that Luke Cage is a Show that rushes things.  The first few Episodes set everything up at their own pace.  A general complaint has been made about Marvel's Netflix Shows stretching to always be 13 Episodes.  Is it a fair complaint?  Maybe.  It is a case-by-case basis for me though.  In this case, the slow burn works pretty well.  You've seen Cage a bit in Jones, but you don't get his backstory that much.  You know that he was in Jail and has powers, but that's it.  Cage makes for a great version of the Reluctant Hero .  While you know that he ultimately has to become an active Hero, it is still compelling to see him get there.  The Show as some good, rich Characters to keep you invested.  Is it for everyone?  No.  If you like to see Characters grow to become Heroes, this is a good one for that.  Plus, the Soundtrack is great!  If you want a Netflix Show without evil Brits or Ninjas, this is a good one-two punch for you...
A slow burn in this half.  It picks up as the last few Episodes escalate things though.

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