Friday, March 17, 2017

Lost in Translation: Foreign 'Leprechaun' Posters

As I already plan to watch one Leprechaun Film today- as my tradition is to watch Leprechaun 4: In Space every year on this day-, I don't want to watch Leprechaun 3.

In lieu of that, here is a look at some odd Foreign Posters for Films in the Franchise.

Right off the bat, a Poster that doesn't even mention the Title!
Funny and all...but maybe you should list the Title.

Lastly, a Poster for Leprechaun 4 (my favorite!) with some random Photoshop hodge podge....
Even with mostly-forgotten High School French, I can tell they didn't change the Title or anything.  That said...what is with the random Cast Shot?

Were they trying to make this look like Farscape or something?
I'm sure that the Internet will love that comparison.

Oh and don't drink & drive.  Don't make me sic Warwick Davis on you!

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