Sunday, March 5, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: This Darkness- The Vampire Virus (Part 1)

This Darkness is chock full of random killing.  It also sucks, so I might as well make the most of my pain sitting through this Film.

Early on, our Hero literally pimps this Cheerleader from his Lecture out to an Investor.  I mean, she thinks he's cute, but...he is literally using her body to buy himself some time.
Later that day, we see her walking through the Campus and someone is watching her.
Enjoy the Film's best effect.  No, really.
She runs from the fanged man and somehow trips over...the Sidewalk...I think and injures her knee.

Seriously, how did this work?  The way it looks, she must hit her knee on something, but how would she possibly run into the sidewalk that way, unless she was glitching like some sort of bad video game.
She's caught by the Vampires...and there goes the good look of that effect.
They swarm on her and apparently kill her.

To note: this is broad daylight (maybe mid-afternoon) and on a College Campus.
To sum it up, this Cheerleader is used by her Teacher and then killed by Vampires.  What is there reason though?

The Moral: the real crisis on College Campuses is Daylight Vampire Attacks!

Where is the Documentary on that?!?

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