Sunday, March 19, 2017

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Czechoslovakia's Beauty and the Beast

Before this weekend is over, I might as well take one last look at this Czech Film...

In Beauty and the Beast, 'Belle's' Father is transporting some goods to sell in order to pay off his debts.  In this Version, the random Wolf attack is now the arrival of the Beast!
Father flees on his horse, while a woman from the Caravan runs from a POV Monster (The Beast).

It chases her to an abandoned Cabin and then kills her!
Clearly that is what the other Versions were missing: the random death of Peasants at the hands of our Hero!  I sure hope he stops killing people and animals to drink their blood when he's a Human!

The moral here: don't deliver fine goods via Carriage.  I mean, why not just use FedEx at this point?!?

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