Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pilot Wings: Iron Fist (2017)

Is this a cheat to cover this one for this Segment?  After all, the whole Season 'dropped' at once due to Netflix's process.

Oh well, the Internet is all over this thing, so why not strike while the iron is...fist?
A strange, drifter-looking guy comes to New York City with a dream...but no shoes.
When he shows up at Rand Corporation, they assume that he's just a crazy, homeless man.  Why does he say that he is Danny Rand, the seemingly-dead son and heir to the company then?
He also knows Martial Arts and seems to be super-agile.  He claims to be back for answers.
Can he straighten things out and make a new (or old) life for himself in NYC?  To find out, watch the rest of the Series.
Why is this so bad?  One possible reason is the high-quality of the previous Marvel Netflix Shows.  Daredevil was a revelation with its dark, realistic tone.  Jessica Jones was a sharp, character-driven experience.  The second season of Daredevil gave us the Internet's favorite Punisher (mine is still from Punisher: War Zone), Elektra and Zombie Ninjas.  Luke Cage was another strong, character-driven Show.  To sum up, the bar is really damn high!  With that out of the way, Iron Fist's Pilot is...good.  It doesn't answer every question, but neither did Daredevil.  It wisely-spaced out the Origin Story over a few Episodes in order to not drag down the first Episode.  It is a good Story, but an all-flashback Pilot would have not been good.  The basic premise- seemingly-crazy guy is actually a Hero-to-be-and-possible-Billionaire- is a good one.  This one manages to reuse the same basic City Locations without being redundant here.  The whole thing show promise.  Will the rest of the Season deliver?  I'll find out soon enough.  As for all of the controversy, well, let's just wait and see if we get a Shang-Chi Show...
If you haven't seen this and only read Reviews, decide for yourself.  It isn't mind-blowingly-bad, folks.

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