Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Photoshopped Rip-Off Cover Art: The Day After Halloween (1979)

I found this online awhile ago and was going to do stuff with it.  This seems like the best day to show it...
 A couple things to note right off the bat...

1) The Film is not like 1978's Halloween at all.  It is a general Thriller.
2) It is not even set on the day in the Title!  The Date plays no part in the Story.
3) It was originally called One More Minute and/or Snapshot, before coming to the U.S.
4) The Film is actually Australian

Lastly, I decided to have some fun with this thing and spruce it up a little.  I didn't quite finish in time, but it is definitely an improvement.  Take a look...
Given that it is too late now, maybe I should cover this one a year from now.  Sounds like a plan.

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