Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quick Reviews: Clown (2016)

Don't infer anything from the timing of this.  It is just the order that I got around to this one...
A hard-working Dad gets desperate when a Clown cancels on his kid's birthday party.  His solution: putting on a mysterious outfit left at a House he's selling.
The problem: it won't come off.

Yes, they're going with this Plot, so you can accept it or not.
He starts to look into the background of the suit and its owner, while his wife's family questions his sanity.  Hard to blame them at times...
He discovers that the suit is somehow tied to some odd mystical lore even Demons or something.

It is all just a bit silly, but treated so seriously.
Will this mysterious man hold the answers that will save the day?
...or will evil win out in the end?  To find out, watch the Film.
Given that it took almost 4 years to get a DVD Release stateside, was it worth it?  Clown is...pretty good.  The big draw: the premise involving the guy slowly turning into the creature.  The Lead does a pretty good job of showing his desperation and humanity.  One problem: they put him in the Suit right away.  We get NO Scenes of him before the one where he puts it on and sets the Plot in motion.  You're backfilling is not going to cut it!  The big issue: the premise involving a 'clown suit' that turns you into a monster.  I mean, I've certainly bought some crazy things happening in Films.  Hell, the most ridiculous outcome I ever thought possible apparently came true today, so maybe this is logical!  If you watch these for the blood and gore, the Film delivers.  It uses it when it counts, although it can overdo it at times too.  This is mostly a Character Study on a man fighting demonic urges.  If that sounds appealing to you, Clown delivers.  An evil clown suit makes you a Monster- it is certainly no sillier than a Movie Prop Mask cutting you and turning you into a creature from said Movie!  The one thing I do question though: what the hell Game is this kid supposed to be playing?
Clown is a pretty good Film if you can buy into the premise.  If you can't, there's no getting past it.

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