Sunday, November 6, 2016

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Doctor Strange (2007)

At last, another Animated Poor Bastard!

In 2007's Doctor Strange, Dormammu unleashes his last monster- a freaky swarm that looks like a *good* version of what The Langoliers was going for.  They attack NYC...
...finding this Cab Driver, who closes his window a few seconds too late.
The swarm fills up his Cab and...
...leaves a skeleton behind.  So yeah, he's dead.
Weirdly, two of Strange's other Allies are also killed by the swarm in a similar way, so we don't even need this one to show us what the creatures can do.

They just killed this Cabbie because...reasons.

The lesson: always keep your windows rolled up in NYC.  It will protect you against both interdimensional monster swarms and Donald Trump's unwanted sexual advances.

The More You Know.

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