Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quick Review: Batman- Return of the Caped Crusaders

After so many years, it is nice to see the Classics make a return.  Since it is officially out now, I might as well Review it...
The 4 worst Villains in Gotham reunite for the first time since Batman: The Movie.

Sorry, Egghead- you didn't make the list, but you do get a Cameo.
Enter the Dynamic Duo!  They go right into action...after stopping to obey Traffic Laws and avoid Jaywalking, of course.
Naturally, we get the Batman-style Death Trap, made extra cheesy for this adventure!
The Plot here is actually kind of complex and large, so I won't SPOIL any more.  It goes places you wouldn't expect- that's all I'll say.
What is the master plan of these four felonious fiends?  How does a Prison factor into it?
Can the Dynamic Duo save the day or is Gotham going to be struck by the villains' vile vices?  To find out, watch the Film.
Come on- laugh a little.  This Film is designed to be one thing- fun.  They nail it well, giving you all of the ironic kitsch you come to expect from the Batman '66 license.  You get to see all of the Classic Villains- and Louie the Lilac-, all the Heroes (save for Batgirl, although there is a good reason) and all of the Supporting Characters.  The mix of old and new Voice Actors works well here.  The new Voices do a good job of matching the old in all of the major, important ways.  They even get The Riddler and The Joker's laughs right- kudos!  The Film is chock full of nods to other iterations of the Character as well.  In one Scene, they cleverly reference the 3 different Catwoman Actresses from the Show, while in a later bit they poke fun at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.  Batman himself even uses some lines from other tales like Batman (1989) and 'The Dark Knight Returns.'  No, really.  An Action Balloon even pops up called 'Sprang,' no doubt a reference to Dick Sprang.  If you know the Original Show (and own it, like moi), you'll love this.  If you are younger or don't know the Show, you'll still love it (you'll just miss the extra stuff).  It is deep enough to be interesting and silly enough to be fun for everyone, a win-win.  It will also help us wash the taste out of the last Animated Film out of our mouths...
Damn fun Film that really takes advantage of the source material.  On top of that, the Film was bigger and deeper than I would have guessed!

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