Friday, November 4, 2016

Quick Reviews: Doctor Strange (2007)

Why go outside with other people and sit in a Theater when you can stay inside by yourself and watch this Animated Film Version instead...
In NYC, Stephen Strange is working at a Hospital overrun with mysterious comas.
After seeing weird visions, the Doctor crashes his car and injures his hands.  Ouch.
After losing everything, he ends up in Tibet alongside Baron Mordo, Wong and the Ancient One.
A coming conflict with Dormammu leads to some internal issues as Strange learns his powers.
Now embracing his destiny, Strange picks a good time to become a Sorcerer, since...
Dormammu is here!  Will he be able to be stopped?

To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
Good Direct-to-Video stuff that holds up pretty well.  In the early 2000s, Marvel was all over the Animated Video Market, while DC was all over TV.  In the present day, Marvel is all over TV and DC is all over the Animated Video Market.  Marvel can take solace in the Billions of Dollars that their Live-Action Films bring in.  Speaking of which, how does the 2007 Animated Version match up to the 2016 Live-Action one?  Well, I'm not a cool enough to see it in advance, so let me just talk about this one.  It sure beats the TV Movie Version!  They do a good job with the basic Strange Origin Story, while also giving you a parallel Plot.  It helps keep the pacing good and make things more connected.  Strange is spotted by the Mystics *before* the accident, which explains alot more in a concise way.  They try to give you a pretty big Story for roughly 70 minutes (as opposed to the 95 that the DVD Case promises.  It mostly works as the Story is more about Strange becoming the Hero than it is about Dormammu.  Another thing they do nicely is make the stuff with Wong and The Ancient One seem a little less-dated.  Wong isn't a Man Servant- he's a Warrior Mystic in his own right.  The Ancient One is still your basic Chinese Mystic-type, but fits more in the mold of Characters like Yoda.  They also get away with more than usual thanks to the PG-13 Rating- bonus.  All in all, 2007's Doctor Strange is a good, solid tale that doesn't disappoint.  Here's hoping that Cumberbatch and company keep pace.  Speaking of keeping, here's hoping that their Film also takes place in Helm's Deep...
Good stuff that plays with the basic Story in some good ways.  A mostly-forgotten Film that deserves some love.

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