Monday, November 7, 2016

TV on the Internet- Ash vs. Evil Dead 'Confinement'

In all of the chaos last week with the Holiday, I never did get around to this one...
Back at the Bar from the earlier Episode, a Cop shows up and finds something...freaky.
Somewhere else in Town, Ash runs afoul of the Police again.  Time for jail.
All of the Main Characters- including Ted Raimi- end up there as the creature sneaks around.
Holy crap- it's Tommy Wiseau!

No, it's nothing that scary.  It is just a freaky Demon.  Phew.
With a building full of people, a crazy Demon and Ash, who will survive?  To find out, watch the Show.
Good stuff.  What they do well here is put all of the Characters in a small location with a Monster.  Said Monster is nice and freaky.  I'm not a dick, so I won't SPOIL it more than their Facebook Page does.  It is hard to top the bit where Ash got his head shoved up an ass this Season, but they come close.  You also get some stuff that moves the Plot forward and whatever.  Enough of that, Ted Raimi is still here.  I continue to be surprised that he hasn't died a horrible death yet.  You're just trolling me, aren't you, Ash vs Evil Dead?   He will die on my watch!  Blood, a little HLA and more blood- great.  Another fun Episode that gives you what you want.  I'll keep giving you what you want too- more shots of a bloody Ash.
Next time, I play catch-up.  What the Hell will Ash go through next?  See you then...

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