Thursday, November 3, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Mermaid (2016)

It is appropriate that the biggest Film in China make it over the U.S., even if it is nearly a year later...
A super rich guy has bought an Island, but is chastised for doing so since it is blocked off for building due to environmental concerns.

He's cleared that up, however, and feels comfortable.
A strange young woman makes a move on him at a Party and he's bemused by her.
The catch: she's a Mermaid from the Island he bought who is supposed to serve as bait in a Honey Trap Plot.

Yes, she did wear a fake tail over some pants, socks and shoes that were covering her real tail.  No, that's not completely silly.
The Gang keeps trying to kill the man, but keeps running into problems with his Security.  They even work in some random Commentary on our obsession with weapons...
The Mermaid falls for the man and is now having second thoughts about killing him.  Can he be swayed to do the right thing?
...or will greedy Industrialists (including the Film's one white guy) take matters into their own hands first?  To find out, watch the Film.
Funny, but about as subtle as a fireworks show.  (The) Mermaid is a wacky and random Comedy with an environmental message to it.  Yes, the Country who's air is not meant to be breathed by Humans is going to tell about how to save the environment.  Makes sense to me!  It is mostly about weird sight gags (like a bit where our Hero keeps avoiding being killed), weird moments (like a Merman with Octopus legs cooking his own tentacles for cover) and just general wackiness (a guy with a Jetpack).  It is very, very wacky.  They don't have much time for anything other than that, so don't expect much.  It is a good Film- just don't expect anything but constant-craziness.  The Film made over 2 billion Yen (over $500 million U.S.), so expect a Sequel or 8.  You know what more Comedies need?  If you guessed, leftover footage from The Cove, then you'd be...right?
Really silly, but usually-funny stuff.  Stephen Chow Films are never subtle and this is no exception.

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