Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quick Reviews: Attack on Titan- Part 1 (2015)

Are you scared of giant, naked people who want to eat you?  You're not?!?  Well...too bad, weirdo...
In a dark time for the World, mysterious beings known as Titans (as the Japanese are fans of Greek Myths, it seems) have pushed mankind into hiding behind walls.

It was that or a never-ending train ride, I guess.
Right as our Heroes are hanging around by the wall, they decide to attack.  Dramatic!
The Military and the Walls are no match for the Titans as lots of random people die, most of whom are chomped down upon by the giants.

Don't you hate all that PG-13 Horror these days?
Without SPOILERS (for those of you who don't know the Show), things go bad for our Hero right as the Scene ends.  Again- dramatic timing rules the day!
In the aftermath, some time as passed and the Humans make plans to clear the Titans out of the Land they desperately-need for food and supplies.

I sure hope a crazy, scientifically-implausible gadget will help!
Can our Heroes defeat the Titans and complete their mission?  Will their personal issues get in the way?  To find out, watch the Film.
Dark, crazy stuff.  Attack on Titan is a property that I've been vaguely-aware of for a long time.  While I've technically Reviewed more Anime than Bob, he's still much more into the stuff than I am.  I know that it is about people fighting giant, naked mutant things whilst on wires, but that's about it.  So I'm going into this *somewhat* blind, making me the perfect audience to review it.  The Story is interesting, but also kind of muddled.  We have a few Main Characters, a handful of Supporting Characters, a few ancillary ones and others all competing for screen time.  The Film handles some of them better than others.  While this is more of an Action Film, it really serves more under Horror Movie Rules.  Someone literally dies after trying to have sex!  The big draw (pun fully-intended) here is definitely the Titans.  They are big, freaky and well-realized.  I have a million questions about how they all work, but I know that they have at least one more Film to help answer them.  All in all, Attack on Titan- Part 1 is a crazy, gory, interesting Film that is definitely not for everyone.  If you can embrace the dark nature of the Story and how insane it is, you will appreciate the amount of work put into it all.  My only nitpick- conveniently-thick smoke...
Crazy dark and violent stuff.  If you can get used to the blood and guts, the bizarre visuals and Action are a delight.

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