Saturday, November 26, 2016

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Ashy Slashy'

As Ash and company try to save the World, I try to keep up.  Before the next Episode, catch up with me now...
With Ash in the clutches of evil, his, his companions show up to rescue him.
Familiar faces keep popping up as the mystery of last Episode is illuminated- pun fully intended.
They don't find Ash too easily, but there are definitely signs of him around...
Unfortunately, when he does show up, he seems far too gone to help.  If anything, it is the opposite!
Oh and the Puppet is back.  The Internet will surely be happy.
With Pablo as the key to victory, can our Heroes survive and stop Evil in its tracks?
Good, good stuff.  This one was definitely the climax of the Story this Season.  Ash goes full-on crazy.  Ba'al is the master manipulator.  Pedro steps up as the confident Hero.  Kelly gets her face shoved in piss.  Okay, maybe not that last part, although that does happen.  They go all out this Episode with the big moments.  Everyone may not be happy with what all happens here, but that is just how this show works.  I'm still a bit disappointed that Amanda didn't make it out of last Season, but I'm mostly over it.  The Show generally has their reasons for who lives and who dies here.  I obviously won't SPOIL this any more than the Internet has.  On the plus side, Deadite Ashy Slashy is both adorable and evil.  All in all, this one goes big and nails it.  Can the Show nail the landing?  It was a bit shaky last Season, so we'll see.  In lieu of 'human' blood, here is Ash's face covered in something similar...
Next time, in the wake of the many deaths this Season, Ash does something stupid.  Can he top last year's bad choice?  See you then.

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