Saturday, November 19, 2016

TV on the Internet: Ash vs Evil Dead- 'Trapped Inside'

Even though I'm behind, it works in your favor.  Time to get caught up...
Ash and company return home as Pedro is having all sorts of issues with the Necronomicon.
Back at the Station, even-more-creepy Wiseau starts to manipulate the Sheriff and the mob that appears looking for Ash.
The group tries to recuperate, but has to resort to some magic hijinks to try to stop Baal.
While a Mob forms outside, some sort of evil lurks inside Ash's House.
What old wounds will the Deadites bring up next?  Who will live and who will die?

To find out, watch the Episode.
Things only get crazier and crazier.  In this Episode, they give you a nice throwback to the original Evil Dead.  No SPOILERS- don't worry.   I will say that the Monster of the Week sure was freaky and well done here.  Everyone gets a moment or two to shine.  The Sheriff looks strong, Ba'al looks evil.  Pablo finds strength in the midst of his horror.  Kelly continues to bad-ass, even if she isn't always the brightest.  While this one is fun, it also leaves many questions.  Did Ted Raimi escape another Episode without facing a violent, bloody death?  Is Pablo going through more body horror than in a Cronenberg Film?  Will Ba'al ever make The Room 2?  The Show keeps me guessing!  I won't keep you in suspense any more though.  Here is your weekly dose of Ash's face covered in blood...
Next time, things get crazy for Ash in a different way.  They're coming to take him away, a-ha.  See you then...

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