Friday, November 4, 2016

Immediate Response: Doctor Strange (2016)

I couldn't wait.  Time to pierce the veil and warp Reality...
The Good
* The Film nailed the crazy visuals of Steve Ditko.  It goes balls out with the stuff!
* Cumberbatch and company do a great job with their Characters, giving you grounded people in a crazy, magical World.
* The Film is paced well and somewhat shorter than you expect from these Tent Pole Films.  Hurray!
* For all of the Drama, the Film is actually pretty damn funny.  The Marvel Method works!
* The Film feels unique, only using the basic formula to ground their own Story.
* Their Villain is actually kind of deep, having a solid argument for his evil ways (sort of).

The Bad
* It is a shame that they don't Rachel McAdams more.
* While it doesn't affect the Film, can I just ask why Cumberbatch couldn't just be British?
* I got a real Green Lantern (2011) vibe from one part of the Film.  I liked that one though, but many people do not.

So yeah, I don't have any major complaints.  It is fun, kind of deep, fantastic and all kinds of well-made.  Stay for the Credits too!

Fun Fact: the Villain in the 1970's Doctor Strange was Jessica Walter aka Mallory Archer.  Time flies!

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