Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quick Reviews: Assassination Classroom- The Graduation

Did you watch Assassination Classroom and want to know how the Story ended?  I'm going to pretend that you said 'Yes'...
In a Cold Open, we see a mysterious Prisoner delivered to a Facility.

Just ignore that for about an hour, alright?
In a special School, this super-being is teaching a Class of Students that the School has all but given up on.  They also have to kill him before the Year ends or the World will be destroyed.
The Story continues to be about how they are both learning to like the Teacher and also training to kill him.

Try to forget the part where they briefly get sidetracked by a Scene where other Students attempt to molest four Girls in the Class, okay?
Do you want to know the true origin of Korosensei?  You know you do!
Will Korosensei's lessons pay off and make the E Class succeed in life?
Or will the sins of his past (and the whole ticking clock thing) come back to kill him?  To find out, watch the Film.
Damn crazy and actually kind of good.  Right off that bat, let me make this clear: Assassination Classroom- The Graduation is not for everyone.  It is about a yellow superbeing training 'teens' in both their Studies and how to kill him.  It is chock full of weird, crazy moments.  Korosensei dressed as a Dog- check.  Korosensei dressed as a Policeman- check.  Korosensei stopping a Sniper by running at him with super-speed, dressing him up like a Character in his Play and making him part of it- surprisingly...check.  Aside from all of the crazy stuff, you actually get some emotional stuff when you learn about his past and the connection to one of his Students.  You also get some crazy Action moments, including the classic 'walking away from an Explosion' trope.  This one is all about filling in the blanks, so it certainly benefits you to watch the first Film.  If you didn't, they also explain everything to you, so yea for that.  This is a fitting and fun conclusion to the tale.  If you are the right kind of crazy, this one has what you need.
Fun and freaky stuff.  The Story actually gets kind of emotional...for how insane it all is.

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