Thursday, November 24, 2016

VHS For the Win: Blood Freak

This Holiday is all about meeting up with Family and Friends that you don't see much of the rest of the year.  In that spirit, here is the first VHS For the Win since August (and one of only three since 2014!).

Ah, Blood Freak.  You sucked.

While I reviewed you long ago, I somehow *didn't* mention your intentionally-misleading VHS Box Art (as far as I can tell).

In a nutshell, someone realized that you wouldn't sell honestly, as the 'Ironic Horror Community' wasn't in full force at the time.  As such, you got this...
What in the what?!?

To be fair, the Box does kind of relate the Plot of the Film, but omits some key parts like 'giant Turkey head' and 'Christian Morality Tale.'

Plus, 'A Dracula on Drugs'- who came up with that Tagline?!?

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