Friday, July 22, 2016

What's the Best Film?: Star Trek Sequels

I haven't done this in a while.  Might as well start it again, since I love lazy pandering for hits!

Since  I don't feel like cheating, there aren't enough 1sts that count for me.  Plus, I'd rather talk about these other Films anyways...
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan vs. Star Trek: First Contact vs. Star Trek Into Darkness
It is a battle of a Classic, a well-respected Film and...this one that some people like.
The Lead
In one corner, we have William Shatner as Kirk- nuff said.  In another corner, we have Patrick Stewart as Picard- nuff said.  Rounding out the bout, we have Chris Pine as James Dean as Kirk.

This is really a 2-way fight for me, so I'm going with...
Winner: Star Trek II
The Villain
So here we have Khan, the Villain who got his name in the Title.  Next we have the Borg Queen, a neat, one-off Villain that builds on Stories from the Series.  Lastly, we have Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan('s hipster Cousin).

No offense to either loser, but is there really any doubt?
The Winner: Star Trek II
 The Supporting Cast
A tougher one than the previous two.

We have the classic Star Trek Cast here, albeit older.  Next there's the almost-as-classic Trek Cast in top form.  Finally, we have the new Trek Cast, many of whom I actually like.  Just for one Character Arc, I'm going with...
The Winner: Star Trek: First Contact
 The Story
Star Trek II has Khan return for revenge, while Kirk faces aging- that's basically it.  First Contact has a Time Travel tale where the Borg must be stopped.  Into Darkness has a complicated narrative that is basically just one guy trying to start Space WWIII for no good reason.

Nothing against the Classic, but in this department...
The Winner: Star Trek- First Contact
The Big Action Scene
It all comes down to this- the thing that most people don't see Trek Films for!  Naturally...

One has the most famous Starship battle outside of the beginning of Episode III.  One has a battle of overcoming the odds against a silly-looking ship.  One has the Enterprise fighting...a much, much bigger ship that it can't win- plus space-diving.

You have to know what wins this one, right?
The Winner: Star Trek II

So with a final score of 3-2-0, the clear winner is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  To be fair, it is arguably THE Film that all Trek Films are measured against.  That's probably why they copied it so blatantly for Into Darkness.

So do I hate Star Trek Into Darkness?  No.  It just can't measure up for me against these ones.

One more cheer for the winner...

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