Thursday, July 7, 2016

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Arachnoquake

This Segment wasn't dead- it was just resting!

While watching Syfy yesterday morning, I found another moment to indut.  I apologize for the Screencap Quality- I worked with what I could.

In Arachnoquake, a quake in New Orleans has let loose some big, mean spiders.  One of two groups has stopped by the river and tensions are high!
One of the group makes a big, impassioned speech about how they aren't going to give up.  They are going to keep fighting!
As he starts to say that they are going to make it out of there...
An off-screen Spider grabs him with its web and pulls him away.
As he is devoured off-camera (to save money), they are reminded that he is just not Sam Jackson.
So yeah, this is a pretty literal one.  It is both an example of the Trope (at this point, it is) and a pretty blatant copy of the moment from Deep Blue Sea that people remember most.

Kudos to the Spider though- that's good aim and ironic timing!

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