Saturday, July 30, 2016

Almost Heroes: 'Radish' (Final Exam)

In this case, he's almost a Hero in a number of ways.

In Final Exam, a young man nicknamed 'Radish' finally takes his shot with the girl of his dreams.  What could go wrong?
Well, there is a mysterious killer on the loose and he's quickly racking up a body count.
After seeing the evidence of his crimes, the young man calls the Cops and goes to warn those close to him.
He runs to find the girl again and...gets grabbed by the killer!
So close!  So very, very close.
He died as he lived...with his head through a door.

Seriously though, he almost helped save the day.  That's more than most of these people.

Unfortunately, he was the virginal GUY in an 80s Slasher Film, so he dies.

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