Friday, July 8, 2016

New Flix: Blood Orange (2016)

Is the Casting of a Rock Star enough for a Film?  To find out, let's check out this Murder Mystery...
This is Iggy Pop.  He's outlived people in the Rock Industry in spite of all evidence to the contrary.
His character lives in Spain as a...well, Rock Star with his Wife.
She's banging the Pool Guy.  Cliches- what would we be without them?!?
Just when things are looking, well, the same, a person from her past shows up.  Dinner time!
He explains that she married his Dad and inherited everything.  He wants his money.

Has it been long enough to make Anna Nicole Smith jokes yet?  It must be- right?
Naturally, things can't be this they aren't.  Let's just say that some scheming goes on, but that's all you're getting without SPOILERS.  We're cool, Iggy!
Don't get your hopes up too high.  Blood Orange isn't a bad Film.  It is a pretty competently-made Drama, but nothing more.  Its Story is pretty standard and won't surprise you too much.  The big draw is the casting of Iggy Pop as the Husband.  In that regard, it kind of works.  He has a confident, off-kilter performance that fits the Movie pretty well.  He's not exactly the best Actor, so his range is somewhat limited.  Other than him, everyone is...fine.  With such a small Cast, it is pretty easy to stand out.  To be honest though, nobody really does all that much.  Like I said- good, but not great.  The overall Product is fine.  If you like the kind of Dramas with small Casts, claustrophobic sets and basically just atmosphere, this is for you.  Blood Orange is competent, but just not memorable.  Nice Terrence Malik shot though...
Decent Film overall, but pretty cliche.  It doesn't do anything new or all that creative, so take it for what it is.

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