Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Flix: Exit 14 (2016)

Have we learned nothing from Manos: The Hands of Fate?!?  Let's see how some Teens continue to make bad directional choices...
Wouldn't you know it- a bunch of teenagers want to go out to Party on Spring Break.  Shocking!
Since they aren't the smartest folks, they fall for this Sign.  Seriously, if they end up at Valley Lodge, I'm out!
They stop at a Gas Station for directions and run into...Tom Sizemore.  Quick- hide your Brothel Madames!

Oh and he's totally evil.  His Character is as well.
Their car breaks down (Horror Plot Device #42) and they stay overnight with Sizemore- bad idea all around

He tells them a ghost story, so this naturally leads to them drunkenly-summoning the ghost.  Sigh.
Ghost trying to cross over or confused Aunt at your window- you decide!
With a ghost on the loose, who will survive?  Will Jon Schneider's Cameo help them in any way?  To find out, watch the Film.
Seen it before, probably gonna see it again.  Exit 14 is too familiar- far too familiar.  This is pretty much every square on Low-Budget Horror Movie Bingo (save one).  Partying Teens, Ghosts, D-List Actor as the Villain and D-List Actor in a Cameo are just some of the boxes filled.  If they had worked in Zombies, it would be a complete success.  Well, that or at least cut to someone watching Night of the Living Dead.  It is generic.  No surprises, no twists of note and no shocks.  With that said, it is still done alright.  If you want to watch *a* Movie, this is one.  If you want to watch something creative or interesting, I'd look elsewhere.  If you want to know why Jon Schneider is here, well...
Nothing special really.  Ghosts, drunk people and asshole all around!

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