Thursday, July 7, 2016

Almost Heroes: Dwayne Dixon (Attack Force)

Another week and another man who *nearly* is the Hero.

In Attack Force, Steven Seagal and his buddy are in Europe between missions when some members are killed.
The Plot takes them up against mysterious people taking some form of super-drug and he's along for the ride, fighting with Seagal.
Right before Seagal gets the final fight (naturally!), he gets killed by one of the other villains.
To make matters worse, his body is spotted and left behind.  Instead, Seagal does the 'dragging his friend to safety' bit with...some Thai Soldier who only appeared like 10 minutes ago.

After death burn!
Basically, he's the friendly and helpful Second-in-Command the whole time, dies and is forgotten about.  Given his marital history, leaving loved ones behind is par for the course with Seagal.

Oh and this *may* have something to do with the Film being allegedly re-cut and re-Edited to excise a Story involving Vampires.  How else do you explain the sudden importance of Thai Soldier and the downgrade of the main Villain in the 3rd Act.

Either way, he missed it by *that* much.

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