Saturday, July 23, 2016

Almost Heroes: MVA Agent Harry Roedecker (The One)

While this is arguably Sci-Fi/Action, it is still different from me just doing another Action Film.

In The One, we learn that we live in a Multiverse and a criminal (Jet Li) is killing his other selves to get their power.  Just go with it.

Two Multiverse Authority (MVA) Agents- Jason Statham and Delroy Lindo- have to stop him.
Since Li is so powerful, Lindo approaches him with a strategy that is essentially a suicide mission.
Evil Li crashes the truck, however, and regains control of the situation.
With his super-strength and speed, Agent Roedecker doesn't stand a chance.  Ouch.
Even his suicide plan doesn't work, since only Li can defeat Li.  He dead.
Basically, he's there as a fun combination of the Black Friend and the Mentor Who Has to Die here.

Of course, Statham doesn't step up and actually beat Li either, so...

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