Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost Heroes: Ryuji/Choi/Noah (Ringu/The Ring Virus/The Ring {US})

This is a rough one for just how many times it got Remade!

In Ringu, our Heroine's Ex-Husband Ryuji helps her solve the mystery of the power of the mysterious Videotape that took her Niece's life.
They seemingly-solve it, putting an end to the threat to them and their Daughter (a son in the US Version- for some reason).
Of course, as you know, it isn't the end.  The evil spirit- Sadako- still kills Ryuji.

But wait- there's more!
His death is shown confirmed in Rasen, although he somehow looks different in death.  Nice continuity- you only shot those Films at the same time!
In the South Korean Remake, some things change (like Sadako being transexual), but their Ryuji (as Choi) still dies.
Lastly, things change a little in the U.S. Remake, but...their Ryuji (as Noah) dies too.  Now with CG.
Based on what happens, poor Ryuji/Choi/Noah do nothing bad.  They just help out their ex and die a pretty miserable death for it.

In a bit of twist, their death is *because* of their seeming heroics, however!  They don't get to Star (alive, that is) in any Sequels, while the Ex-Wife does.

...well, except for Rasen, where she dies.  That's mostly out of continuity though.

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