Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quick Reviews: Green Room (2016)

Rather than continue to mourn the loss of a young Actor, let's celebrate his last works.  For instance...
A down-on-their-luck Punk Rock Band- led by Anton Yelchin- is forced to take a skeezy gig when a better job drops out.  What could go wrong?
Well, he accidentally comes across the aftermath of a murder in a Skinhead Club, so...that.
They get stuck in the Green Room (roll credits) by the Gang who are trying to decide how to deal with the situation.
It comes down the group's Leader...Patrick Stewart?!?  I knews that Xavier was a jerk, but not a Neo-Nazi!
As the Band tries to plan their escape, is there any hope as their enemies attack?
Will the Band be able to fight back against the Neo-Nazis?  To find out, watch the Film.
 A reputation that is actually backed up with substance.  Green Room has unconventional Leads, an unconventional Story and some unconventional Casting.  What it does well is give you realistic Characters in a situation that hopefully never feels *too* real to you.  Should you ever find yourself held captives by Neo Nazis, this...probably won't help you too much.  I'd call the Cops.  In any case, this Film really benefits from the Casting, from Yelchin to Steward and everyone else here.  There really aren't any weak links here per se.  The Film does have some pretty gruesome moments in it, albeit in service of the Tone and Plot.  If you're squeamish about and don't like Films with a pretty dark Tone, be warned.  For everyone else, I can't help but recommend this tense, claustrophobic Thriller enough.  It also teaches you what bad Driving looks like...
Good, suspenseful Film.  A good show of what you can do with Good Actors, Story and little money.

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