Monday, February 29, 2016

'Black' History: Black Mirror- The Entire History of You

To celebrate Leap Day and close out February properly, let me cover the final Episode of Series 1.  It gets real awkward...
In this odd future, people have a unique implant in their head.  What is it for?
It is to record and store everything you see, of course.

That's not creepy at all!
It is a part of all facets of life.  They even scan your memory banks to check on things like whether you went to work or not!
With that in mind, our hero meets up with his wife and her friends for a Dinner Party.  When he sees some behavior that makes him suspicious, it sticks in his mind.
Will his concern turn into obsession and how far will he go?  Is there any turning back as the Past comes to light literally in his eyes?  To find out, watch the Show.
Wow, this one is rough.  Once you get to the halfway point, the Episode gets deep into these problems that a couple is having.  He gets paranoid.  She has something to hide.  Everyone they know gets caught in the middle.  For a Film about people with bio-implants, the Story feels gritty and real.  You want to reach out to these poor people and tell them what to do.  It is so easy to fix this!  No matter how much you plead, they just don't listen though.  Instead, you watch them bicker, argue and other words for not get along.  They seem like nice people, but...things aren't going to end well here.  It is one thing to make mistakes in your life, but it is another thing to have a video record of all of it.  Don't recall exactly what mean thing you said to your spouse?  Good news- there is a record of it.  Yes, you *did* say it that way and you *did* use that tone!  Technology- it's great.  Kudos for teaching me the danger of memory!  This is a really good Episode and it is easy to see why Robert Downey Jr bought the rights to it...3 years ago.  Is that in development or something by now?  In the meantime, the Show gives me more to look forward to in Season/Series 2....
As the Month ends, my look at this Show does not.  More intense and awkward Sci-Fi to come...

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