Monday, February 15, 2016

Immediate Response: Deadpool

I couldn't wait too long to see this one, so I got it done today.  As a bonus, it was free!  Let's see how it all ended up...
The Good
* The Film is funny as hell.
* The Action is fun, frenetic and inventive.
* The Special Effects are great, really showing off Deadpool's powers.
* Kudos to Ryan Reynolds for giving Deadpool some real character depth (between all the insanity).
* As weird as this sounds, all the 4th Wall breaking doesn't really take away from the Drama.
* There is a Character named Negasonic Teenage Warhead and one named Bob.  It has it all!

The Bad
* You'll either love or hate Deadpool.  He doesn't have much of a middle-ground.
* The Film has a hard R-Rating, meaning all but full-on Nudity.
* If you don't like Violence, this is not for you.

That said, I like Deadpool, can deal with the Rating and love the Film's ridiculous violence.  If I'm not fair about this though, you know that Wade Wilson himself will show up and shoot me.

We're cool, Deadpool- your Movie rocks!!!

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