Friday, February 19, 2016

A Danish Girl: Room 205

What is Danish for 'eh, it's alright?'  Today's Film is Room 205, a 2007 Horror Film from Denmark.  The Film tells the tale of some young people in the titular Room.  Besides roommates, they also have ghosts!  This is all pretty familiar stuff.  In fact, it is so familiar that I thought there might be some connection between this and Apartment 1303, a Film that came from Japan and eventually made it to America (Review coming at some point).  After all, if one of the guys behind The Blair Witch Project could remake a Danish Film, why not the other way around?  Well, it doesn't.  If anything, it has more to do with stuff like Uli Lommel's Boogeyman.  Is it good though?  To find out, read on...
A young woman moves to an off-Campus Apartment.  What could go wrong?
She finds that not all of her roommates are friendly.  Why not?  It isn't like she is sleeping with one of their ex-boyfriends.
...oh, now I get it.
So yeah, I hope you enjoy people not getting along in a confined space.

Oh and also weird ghost visions.
I'd love to say more about this Story and make jokes, but...there's not much going on here.  Any thoughts, Edgar Winter?
Finally, some killing!  All thirty seconds of big, dramatic moments at any point sure are worth it!
On the plus side, the Film does represent what it feels like when I have to get up early on Saturday mornings.

Just like that- I'm back!
Our heroine finally figures out that it relates to some murder that happened in the same Room and she must stop the ghost by making it see itself for what it is...or something.

It is an evil spirit and a mirror.  Do we still ask questions at this point?
At least the danger is over.  Or is it?!?

There's no Sequel, so...I guess, it is.  The End.
Ghosts.  They are either doing utter nonsense like knock random pots and pans down, molesting you (in fewer cases, admittedly) or just plain boring you.  Room 205 isn't a bad Movie.  However, I take issue with just about all of the descriptions of the Film on the DVD Cover (shown at the intro).  It is not 'Fast Paced.'  There's nothing wrong with being a little slow-paced if the journey is worth it in the end.  In this case, there was nothing all that special.  You don't have to be a completely unique and off-the-wall entry.  I still maintain that well-done, by-the-numbers stuff like Bunshinsaba: Witch Board are good.  This just didn't have much going for it when it started, never felt like it was progressing too much and ultimately did nothing new.  Secondly, it is not a 'Teen Slasher.'  Is there a different Room 205 that they watched?!?  I mean, there is...but it wasn't made until 4 years after this one, so I doubt he used time-travel to see the 2011 Remake, go back to the present of 2007 and then review *this* Film based on its merits.  Plus, it is a Remake.  Sorry, Denmark- you can do better than just copying South Korea and Japan.  If nothing else, just do what we do and hire foreign Directors to redo their old stuff for us again!  After all, Germany isn't above that kind of stuff.  Right, Maynard?
Next up, a combination of two Sub-Genres that usually fail to make me happy.  By the law of averages, this will either be great or utter crap.  Stay tuned...

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