Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Import/Export: Hunting the Phantom (2014)

From Russia with cheese!  Today's Film is Hunting the Phantom, a Russian Import Film of dubious quality.  Basically, the Film is an attempt to make a big, boisterous Action Film that is kind of dumb.  If we can make them, why not them?  The Film's Plot involves some terrorists, a government program, lots of sci-fi science and a ton of stunts.  It is all so, so silly!  To make the Film have a more international appeal, they got 2 D-List American Actors.  Oh please don't do Michael Madsen!  No, instead they got Armand Assante and Kristanna Loken.  Yea?  There's nothing more to say, so Читайте дальше...
In the Cold Open, a bunch of guys with Armand Assante kill some guy in a field while they cross-cut between a Wolf and a Falcon.  Symbolism...I guess.
Right out of Die Hard, we have a bunch of Terrorists holding a building hostage.  Also like said Film, there is more to the situation than it seems.
Our Hero is a pretty generic, white-meat guy who happens to know Parkour and how to kick bad guy ass!
He can also survive this explosion.

How is there any drama after this again?
In the wake of the attack, some missing information and two of the Criminals escaping, things get worse as our Hero faces accusations!
His only hope: one of the Criminals that he fought earlier.  I can't see this working out well.
Fun Fact: you can crash head-first into a moving Train with your car if you're in a silly Action Film.
Can the mismatched pair work together to save the World and its freedom?  Can a Scarface Poster help in any way?
Will the evil Loken succeed in her plan to control the World?  To find out, catch that Phantom!  The End.
Silly, forgettable stuff.  Hunting the Phantom is not a bad Movie per se.  The Camera is pointed in the right direction, the Special Effects are good and the Acting is passable.  One note on that- Dubbing.  Most of the people in the Film are clearly Dubbed.  Is it distracting?  Yes.  Is it good Dubbing?  So-so.  It is a bit hard to judge the Acting since I can only hear 2 of the Actors in their native tongue.  Aside from that, the whole thing has a sort of cheesy feel to it.  It isn't trying to be corny or any of that, which is good.  Most of the time, that kind of stuff gets real old, real fast.  In this Film's case, everything is played straight.  Even when people are fighting evil Stewardesses, doing Parkour for no reason or flipping Cars, it is played straight.  It is still not great though.  Given how cliche and silly the whole thing is, it is hard to really get emotionally-invested in the whole thing.  It is just plain goofy at times.  It can be fun though, depending on your like of this kind of thing.  At least one person I know will enjoy the Film for this moment alone...
Next up, a Sci-Fi Sequel from a Series that I haven't touched since 2009.  Will the final Film make up for all of the crap?  Stay tuned...

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