Sunday, February 14, 2016

Holiday WTF Japan?!?: The Rapeman

After Star of David: Hunting for Beautiful Girls, it has been hard to do something quite as crazy.  Today I seek to rectify that situation.  While this Film doesn't have Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Implied Bestiality and Incest, it is all sorts of messed up!  Today's Film is The Rapeman, a 1993 Film from Japan that defies all logic.  Our hero- a man who is hired to rape women.  Hero is a strong word, isn't it?  The Story involves political intrigue, rape, the Mafia, rape, slapstick comedy and, oh yeah, rape.  I should mention that this Film is meant to be a Comedy.  You so crazy, Japan!  If the name of the Film sounds familiar, it is because it was mentioned on Law & Order: SVU.  Remember when that Show was relevant?  Good times.  The whole thing is very weird and very Japanese, so break out the wine to enjoy this 'romantic' Film...
The Film opens by bringing us this mean, shrill woman.  Who said that Women's Lib was a thing in 1993 Japan?
Said woman is confronted by Rapeman- who dresses like 1993 George Michael in a mask- and, well, you get the idea.

To note: this is very Softcore and only features a little Nudity.  It is Japan, so why do things like you expect?
Our 'hero' is a Teacher who works with his Uncle.  Raping for Hire should be a family business!

Take a look at their twisted view of reality, by the way...
After believing an obvious lie, our hero takes another victim.  Please enjoy this choppy Editing to seem this Rape Scene.
As it turns out, she was lying!  She is working with a Mafia-style Boss to discredit a person running for the Senate.  Woodward and Bernstein's source was actually The Rapeman, by the way.
Now armed with the knowledge, our hero...well, you take a guess what he does.
Yeah, that's it.  The day is saved.
As the Film comes to a close, I have to cover the 'romance' angle here.  Stay with me...

This Reporter takes shots of Rapeman's Office.
He shows up and threatens to, you know, if she doesn't give him the Photos.
The Photos lead them to the real case and he works with her in his civilian identity.
When all is resolved, she shows up and asks for Rapeman's services.  The client is...
Wow.  Just...just wow.  This Film sure is dark.  This Film sure is wacky.  This Film is sure is WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?  To be clear, our Hero rapes women for money.  He presumably only goes after people that 'deserve' it, making him out to be some sort of, Raping Hood.  That's...just no.  Criminals kill for money in this Film.  You rape people for money in this Film.  You aren't the good guy.  If this is supposed to be some sort of dark Satire, it fails.  It doesn't seem to be in on 'the joke' at all.  What is even the joke again?  He's a good guy that rapes women?  Who's laughing?  The tone is so odd here, going from serious to wacky to serious to wacky.  In one Scene, he gets fake drunk, sneaks off to rape the bad lady in the Women's Room and then returns acting fake drunk.  It's alright- she loved it!  No.  Star of David: Hunting for Beautiful Girls was all sorts of twisted, but it knew it.  Assault! Jack the Ripper was dark, twisted and also knew it.  This one seems to think that is is funny and charming.  It just forces itself upon you, not letting you decide what to do or how to feel.  I don't know how I can describe this feeling of helplessness.  I wish that there was something that I could compare what this Film does to you, but I just can't think of one!   In any case, this is strange, but not really funny.  There are apparently more of these out there, but I have to get through at least the remaining three Raped by an Angel Films first, right?  As you enjoy your day with your beloved, here is a reminder what NOT to say when you walk into a Police Station...
Seriously though, this one was just plain trippy.  Like Brown Acid trippy- the bad kind.

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